One on One Basketball

One on One Basketball is the largest basketball training company in the country. They have 21 locations across the country and have provided basketball training in seven other countries around the world. They have spent the past 22 years effectively positioning themselves as the leaders in basketball training and instruction.

What they needed?

  • Re-theme current website
  • Develop a full-featured mobile solution
  • Create a custom Registration Solution for 20+ locations with a centralized database
  • Create a mobile experience for customers to easily find programs near their location  
  • Overhaul of online identity to allow each location to have their own sub-site 

What we delivered:

One on One’s new web and mobile sites were designed to allow customers a unique experience specific to their location. Each location has the ability to customize their sub-site in order for their customers to connect, learn, and search upcoming programs.

For One on One registration solution we implemented our RegApp product. RegApp enables One on One to manage their content, update programs being offered, keep customers updated through their blog, process online payments via desktop or mobile, pull roster reports, and handle all types of registrations from any location!

  • Easy-to-use web & mobile solution to handle customer registrations
  • Mobile solution for staff to pull rosters, check payment status, and check-in or check-out participates  
  • Web & Mobile site to engage, connect, and inform their customers
  • Crafted an unparalleled web and mobile site to highlight their company information which fits their brand

" Our new site and solution (RegApp) is easy to use and helps our customers find what they are looking for!"

Check out the result

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