Bergquist is the leader in propane equipment distribution, knowledge, and customer service. With 3 distribution centers, 12,000+ items in stock, and 5 Regional Sales offices Bergquist is on their way to becoming number one in their industry.

  • 55 Years in business
  • 12,000+ products in stock
  • Over 60 employees nation wide
  • 2 Distribution centers nationwide
  • 5 Regional Sales Centers

The Bergquist team has years of experience in the propane industry, plus participates in ongoing product training. In addition to their customer service team, they also support their clients with experienced warehouse staff, knowledgeable accounting professionals, IT support, as well as our Product Specialists and Area Sales Managers.

Why did they need trigroup's help?

After going through our Discovery Phase, together we decided to:

  • Create a mobile shopping experience
  • Overhaul of online identity and overall brand
  • ‍Create a digital platform for educating/training customers
  • Implament a Content Management Solution
  • Design a new web and mobile site

After we completed the project, Bergquist Marketing Director, Don Montroy said,

“I thought we knew what we wanted for our new web and mobile sites until we started the discovery phase with the team from trigroup. The strategy they laid out for our new Interactive Catalog and Bergquist Academy are now key components for our business online, and offline.  I'm grateful for their guidance, support, and professionalism."

Bergquist’s new web and mobile sites are designed for simplicity and accessibility, allowing their customers to shop, connect, learn, and stay up to date on events, training seminars, and tradeshows. For their mobile shopping experience we create a mobile-web based application using responsive design. This not only cut down on costs, but also ensures that the application works across all platforms and devices.


  1. Produced a more engaging and interactive purchasing experience for both web and mobile
  2. Developed the strategy for the new Bergquist Academy which serves a an online portal to allow their customers to connect, learn, watch training videos, and stay up to date with their events and tradeshows
  3. Created a shopping experience that allows for browsing, searching, and purchasing from a mobile device
  4. Crafted an unparalleled web and mobile site to highlight their company information which fits their brand.

Check out the result

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